How to Give Your Dog a Bath

How to Give Your Dog a Bath

There is a lot that goes into giving your dog a bath. If you don’t use care when giving your dog a bath your dog could end up having an infection. For example, if you don’t protect your dog’s ears from the soapy water could enter the dog’s ear canal and cause an ear infection. A common sign of an ear infection in a dog is discharged from the ear and the dog repeatedly shaking their head.
How many times you should bath your dog solely depends on what type of dog you own. If your dog is a hairy type of dog you should bath it every six weeks. If you bath hairy types of dogs too frequently they’re skin could dry out.

When bathing your dog avoid using human types of soap. These are not meant to be used when bathing your dog. Also avoid using any kind of shampoo that humans use. These types of soaps and shampoos have ingredients that are not meant to be used when bathing your dog. Instead use shampoos that are meant for a dog. These can be bought at any pet store and are widely available in many different types.

Always give your dog a bath in a bathtub or outside with the garden hose. Giving your dog a bath is sometimes very messy and you want to have enough room to maneuver the dog and keep the mess to a minimum. A very convenient solution is to invest in a portable dog bath which you can take outside if necessary. Be sure to keep talking to the dog while you give them a bath. Sometimes the dog can become scared as to what is going on so talk to them so they are able to calm down. It’s a good idea to keep the water running as the sound could calm them down a little. Make sure to wash the entire dog. It’s a good idea to use dish washing gloves.

When your done washing and rinsing the dog drain all the bath water. Run your hands over the back of the dog to try and get some excess water off. The natural reaction for the dog is to start shaking the water off manually. This will cause a pretty big mess sometimes. Instead be sure to keep your hands on the dog and they will be less likely to start shaking. Once you’ve attempted to remove the excess water and the water in the bathtub has drained. Place the towel on the back of the dog. Start to dry them off inside the bathtub. Once you feel that the dog is sufficiently dry remove them and dry off there feet.

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