Tweaks Tugs was conceived in 2007 when I had a Border Collie puppy and was looking around for a new tug toy for her. Tweak & I compete in a dog sport called flyball and we needed a good quality tug as her reward.

I went to every chain dog supply store, every mom & pop type store and every feed store I could think of looking for a good quality tug. I saw some cheap imitations, which lasted about 2 weeks and wasn’t worth the $15 I spent. I turned to the internet after that. After all, you can find anything on the net, right? Not so much…

After endless amounts of searching, I wasn’t able to find what I was looking for. I knew local people that made tug toys like I wanted but if they weren’t at a flyball tournament, I wasn’t able to pick one up. So, I bought a book and supplies and spent months futzing around trying to come up with what I wanted. Once I figured it out, Voila! Tweaks Tugs was created.

I bought a ton of rope from Home Depot and made a first batch of tugs. I used them with Tweak & my other dogs and gave them to friends to test out. The feedback was good so I took them on the road with me. Lots of feedback later, the tugs were a go! I decided to offer them online so everybody could find a good tug toy when they needed one. If you don’t compete in dog sports or don’t know anyone that makes them, here we are. Laughing

Tweak & I use our own tugs at every flyball tournament we compete in. Most of my flyball team uses a version of our tugs. I am a real person with a real dog that *loves* to tug!

That’s our story. Tweak and I love to go out and play and we now have the perfect toy to do so. Can we make the perfect toy for you and yours?

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